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This is of the utmost importance! Why not take advantage of the years of experience we have in the pizza business before you experiment on your own. Do you know that 90% of all new business ventures fail for many reasons, one being lack of knowing what your doing and how to do it. Please think twice before you spend your money on a new pizza business, and please take the time to look at what a Screamin’ Mimi’s license can offer you. We know the pizza business, as you can see by our awards and Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Trip Advisor reviews. We’re family owned and operated and truly believe that your success is our success.


When you go into a new pizza business the first thing you want to do is feel at home. At Screamin’ Mimi’s we feel that the major factors in not only getting new customers, but more important, getting them back as steady and loyal customers. Check out our website and then go to the reviews and see what others have to say about us. We pride our self in knowing all of our customers on a first name basis and treating them like family. Remember, the key to staying in business is not only finding new customers, but also more importantly, keeping them. We are in the people business and treat our customers like family. That’s the Screamin’ Mimi’s difference, pay us a visit and find out for yourself.


Need I say more, talk is cheap but the real test is in tasting the food. Other major factors are the time tested recipes you’ll find at Screamin’ Mimi’s. From our famous pizza and quality toppings, to our time tested meatballs, sauce and pasta dishes. Our dough is not only made daily but it’s a secret formula developed over the years. At Mimi’s we use only top quality cheese, sauce, and toppings. We receive fresh produce delivery daily which include our famous thick cut fresh mushrooms sautéed with olive oil and Italian seasoning. People taste it once and they’re hooked! That’s another fact that allows us to retain our loyal customer base. They keep coming back for more!


Sure you can go into your own pizza business and buy your own equipment, but beware! Please realize that equipment suppliers do not have your best interest at heart, they have one, and only one, motive, and that is to sell you something. How are you suppose to know the difference between what is of value and what is junk unless you have the knowledge and experience like we have. Making the wrong choices when buying equipment could, and in most cases, will cost you thousands of dollars in lost money. At Mimi’s we know what you should have and can provide you with a complete inventory list so that you will not waste time and money in buying the wrong equipment.

Want to Have a Screamin’ Mimi’s License?

Mimi’s Licensing will soon be available in all areas. Please fill out the contact form and Big Lou will contact you within 72 hours.

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